How To Adapt the Subaru Forester for Senior Drivers’ Needs

The Subaru Forester has always been a go-to car for many due to its sturdy build and reliable performance. But as the world’s population ages, our seniors’ lifestyle is changing too. They’re more active now than ever before. 

Many of them live in assisted living spaces but still value their independence on the road. It means we need to modify cars like the Forester so they can cater better to older drivers. Here are four things you should think about if you want your Subaru perfect for senior driving needs.

Enhancing Accessibility

Getting older often brings about less mobility. Stiff muscles and joints can make climbing into a car tough for seniors. Think about adding side-step bars to the Subaru Forester; they’ll help oldies get in and out with ease. 

We could also install swivel seats that spin towards the door, simplifying access big time. Plus, let’s not forget that lowering suspension reduces how far up one must climb when entering or exiting their vehicle, making things much more comfortable.

Upgrading Safety Features

Safety is a must, doubly so for older drivers. The Subaru Forester already impresses with its safety features, but there’s always room to do more. If it lacks blind-spot detection, add that in. 

Back-up cameras boasting big displays and parking help are also essential. All mirrors need to be easy-to-see size, too, rearview or side ones alike. Features like lane departure warnings and collision alerts also give seniors some extra courage while driving.

Improving Visibility

Getting older might mean not-so-great eyesight. It’s vital then to have a car with good visibility. Why not soup up the Subaru Forester for this? Try bright LED headlights and extra interior lights; they can help big time! 

Anti-glare mirrors make night driving easy on your peepers, too. Also, give those windows a clear view. A light window tint could cut out daytime glare without messing with how well you see outside.

Customizing Controls and Ergonomics

Using tiny controls or touchscreen systems requiring precision can be tricky for older drivers. A good solution is installing big, easy-to-handle knobs, ideal for crucial stuff like air conditioning and the radio. Steering wheel covers that feel comfortable in your hands are a great idea, too. 

Steering wheel knob adapters make turning much easier on those joints of yours. And while we’re at it, why not add some seat cushions as well? They offer extra spine support and help you sit right when driving.


In a nutshell, the Subaru Forester is already pretty awesome, but it can be tweaked to suit older drivers even better. By giving attention to easy access, safety, clear visibility, and comfort in use, driving could become more secure and pleasant for our aged loved ones. Remember, being independent on the road means so much. These small car adjustments really do count!